How does Postradamus stack up against Hootsuite?

It's not easy to compare Postradamus with Hootsuite because they really are different beasts.

Hootsuite tries to do everything it can when it comes to social media management, from posting to your profiles, checking and replying to direct messages, commenting on posts, sharing others posts and monitoring of your social media channels. Hootsuite tries to do it all. It really is a wonderful tool in its own right, but with all that power comes a lot of complexity. It's a trade off that comes along with any software. More features = more complexity.

Postradamus on the other hand tries to do one thing only and tries to do it really well. Posting to your profiles. Posting to your profiles comes with a few different steps. 1) Finding content, 2) Creating/modifying content 3) Posting/scheduling it. Postradamus tries to solve those 3 problems.

  • Supported platforms

    Hootsuite supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and WordPress. Postradamus supports Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.

  • Scheduling

    With Hootsuite you can schedule each post individually. With Postradamus you can schedule all posts at once.

  • Finding content

    Postradamus has a powerful set of viral content search engines where you can find content for any industry in a matter of seconds and sort by the most popular posts. Hootsuite does not appear to have any kind of content search engine feature.

  • Analytics

    Hootsuite has some really nice reporting features to see how well posts have performed as well as how often your links are getting clicked. Postradamus does not yet have such features.

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