Publish to LinkedIn, Fix sending errors, Plans changed

Today, i’m excited to announce many new features, bug fixes and improvements to Postradamus. The updates that were added this morning have been many weeks in the making.

In the past we have always listed updates (big or small) in the Postradamus dashboard, and will continue to do so. However, going forward, any big changes we’ll also include here at the blog.

New: LinkedIn Publishing

You can now send lists to LinkedIn just like any other social media network in Postradamus. If you aren’t familiar with how LinkedIn works, it’s very similar to Facebook. You can create a profile and post to your personal feed, or create company pages and post to those as well. In the near future, I plan to take a closer look at LinkedIn for my own social media marketing efforts and will report back here with a blog article on my findings. If anyone uses LinkedIn already i’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below. Recently, we also published an article about Google+ and whether its still worth your time as a social media marketer. Turns out, it may be. So we are looking into the possibilities of adding that (Google+) to Postradamus in the future as well.

New: Find Content -> Giphy

Giphy is relatively new search engine built to help you find animated GIF’s. GIF’s can be a great “extra” for your social media posting efforts as long as you don’t over do them. Giphy’s GIF’s are mostly creative commons so you are also relatively safe, re-posting them to your feeds.

New: Find Content -> Pixabay

Pixabay has been around for a while now and hosts a HUGE collection of beautiful, free stock images. These will be great to add to your articles posts. All images are licensed Creative Commons 0 which means you can use them for any purposes without attribution.

New: Emojis

This was actually added a few weeks back but went unannounced, so I might as well mention it here. You can add Emojis to your posts in Postradamus. Works great with Twitter and Facebook. May work with LinkedIn and Pinterest as well, but I haven’t had a chance to test yet.

New: Find and fix sending errors

Sometimes, Postradamus has trouble publishing posts to your feed. When it comes to Facebook, its typically because your Facebook password was changed recently, and when this happens, the connection that was built previously between Postradamus and Facebook gets severed. Your lists then stop sending and days or even weeks can go by before you notice there is a problem. In the past, it wasn’t easy to know WHEN this happened and how to fix it.

Now that has changed. In your Postradamus dashboard, you can now see whether or not any of your lists are having trouble sending, and if so, get instructions on how to fix it. Typically, the fix will be as easy as pressing a “Fix it” button. In the next few days, we’ll also be introducing an option of being emailed when Postradamus detects these “sending” errors.

Change: Small enhancements/fixes

  • Facebook content searching has been improved to be much faster now.
  • Content with an image that is too small will now automatically be dimmed out (no need to manually click a button to do this anymore). Dimmed content means the image is too small and should not be posted to your pages/feeds.
  • Instagram content search has been fixed and now shows up to 200 results (and will be improved even more in the next couple days).
  • Postradamus now remembers what VIEW MODE you choose when inside your lists. For example, if you change the mode to “Calendar” then visit a different list, it will automatically show that list in calendar mode going forward.

Change: Plans

Our plans (both restrictions and pricing) have changed today.

Pricing does not affect existing user subscriptions but the new restrictions do, so please continue reading.

Previously we had 3 plans: Starter ($17/mo), Pro ($47/mo) and Agency ($97/mo) and each was limited to the number of Postradamus profiles (previously called Campaigns) and users that could be created. It was difficult for new users to understand what the Profiles feature was though and due to that and other reasons we are have decided to do away with the profile limitation. Now all plans can create unlimited profiles.

We’ve also added an additional plan to the mix called Business which allows us to offer a less expensive Starter plan and a more expensive Agency plan. The plans are now: Starter ($7/mo), Pro ($47/mo), Business ($97/mo) and Agency ($197/mo).

Restriction changes for new AND existing users:

Instead of limiting the number of profiles that can be created, we’ve added a new restriction which is, how many posts can be published on a monthly basis. When visiting your Postradamus Dashboard, you can now see a count of how many posts have been published for the month so you can make sure you don’t go over your limit.

If you are on the Agency plan, nothing has changed in terms of restrictions. You basically have no limits.

If you are on the Starter or Pro plans we understand these new changes can be a surprise and to help you with the new sending limits, we have automatically upgraded you to the next highest plan for free. So for example, if you were on the Starter plan, you are automatically upgraded to the Pro plan. If you were on the Pro plan, you are automatically upgraded to the Business plan. Check your dashboard to see which plan you are on, if you are not sure.

We’ve also added some new YEARLY pricing options so even if you already have an active subscription, if you want to save about 40% on any plan, you may want to check out the yearly options.

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