How to Manage Various Social Accounts and Stay Creative Doing It

Burnout stress

How can I manage various social media accounts and not burn out in the meantime?

How to remain innovative with my client’s content and keeps their pages engaging?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions or if you’re looking for tips to stay original, we’ve got you covered.

For a social media manager, overseeing multiple accounts for your clients and businesses can become incredibly monotonous.

Even as you leverage different social media management tools to get the job done, staying creative and inspired while doing so can be one of the more challenging aspects of social media marketing.

So, how do you manage various social media accounts and not burn out in the meantime?

What are some ways you can remain innovative with your client’s content that keeps their pages fresh, relevant and engaging?

4 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Social Media Accounts

In a technology era with almost 3 billion active social media users leveraging these networks to connect and engage with brands, it’s vital to bring creativity to your client’s content and strategy to give them the slight edge.

Here are four tips and tactics to effectively manage your social media accounts and not burn out while doing so.

#1 Choose the Right Platforms for Your Clients

You want your client’s brand to show up where their audience is present on social media.

Although your brands essentially want to establish a presence on all the major networks, it’s incredibly important to hone in on the platforms where their target market is most active.

Focusing your efforts creates optimal results for your clients like better engagement, followership, and lead conversions.

Here are a few quick key pointers you may not have known about each network to help you choose the right platforms for your clients:


As the #1 social network, every brand should be marketing on Facebook.

From lead generation to increasing visibility and revenue, maintaining a consistent presence on Facebook is key.

Place a focus on publishing quality content to increase organic reach.


High-quality images are a must for standing out and getting noticed.

Product images drive massive engagement.

Instagram is an excellent platform if you’re leveraging influencers to get your client’s product images in front of thousands of targeted followers.


While highly favorable for the tech industry and news outlets, Twitter is not the best place to obtain new customers.

It works well for sharing killer content to increase exposure and driving traffic to web pages.


Snapchat is a great platform for targeting younger audiences or millennials.

“Day-in-the-life” content works well as it doesn’t need to be edited or immaculate.

On the other hand, Snapchat is not a great platform for startups seeking to build customers fast.


With 85% female users, Pinterest is ideal for companies that sell fashion, home and beauty products.

Additionally, 55% of American online shoppers choose Pinterest as their favorite social media platform.


YouTube is ideal for tutorials, how-to’s and DIY videos aimed at niche audiences.

Video is a powerful tool for brands to position themselves as leader and foster relationships.


LinkedIn has now surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social platform for B2B marketers (Source: Forbes)

Appealing to professionals, business owners, and decision-makers, LinkedIn is the perfect place for catching high-quality leads.

#2 Tailor Content Appropriately for Each Social Channel

This is important.

You can attest that each social media network is different with their own expectations.

Consequently, how you share content on one channel should vary on another.

Attempting a cookie-cutter approach where the same message is copied and pasted across each social network will render ineffective. Although you may engage some audiences, you will disengage others.

LinkedIn, for example, is comprised of career-oriented professionals that are seeking content to advance their skills and stay abreast of industry-related news.

Facebook, however, is a more casual environment that caters to family and friends.

Whereas humorous, fun content like quizzes, GIFs and memes work great on Facebook, it will not perform as well on LinkedIn which prefers blog posts or long-form content.

Therefore, keep the audience in mind when posting the same content on all the major networks.

#3 Develop a Strategy that Can Be Re-used for Various Clients

Creating a strategy that can be leveraged for various clients, businesses, and products will boost your productivity and make you effective as a social media manager.

While each client has their unique audience and goals, the tactics used can really be the same to create results for all.

Consider including the tips below for developing your strategy:

Quality trumps quantity

Gone are the days where brands had to share tons of content to keep an active presence.

Algorithms are favoring quality-rich content that fosters engagement.

Rather than focusing on the number of posts shared, aim for producing the best content for every post.

Publish content during optimal times

Social Media Today shared the best posting times for each social network when users are most active.

  • Facebook: end of the week, mid-morning or early afternoon
  • Instagram: workweek, during lunch-time
  • Twitter: mid-week, afternoon hours
  • Snapchat: any day of the week, late at night
  • Pinterest: weekends, evening hours
  • YouTube: end of the week, mid-morning or early afternoon
  • LinkedIn: mid-week, business hours

However, use native analytics to discover when your client’s unique audiences are most engaged to create even great results

Repost popular content that is working

It’s okay to share the same content multiple times, just be sure to change the headline.

Targeting different days or different times of day will allow you to reach audience you haven’t reached before.

Try Postradamus

Easily share viral content and schedule posts in advance using Postradamus.

You can curate relevant content in your client’s niche that’s creating buzz on social media, and easily stay on top of multiple social media accounts.

#4 Stay Creative and Inspired While Curating Posts

Your role as social media manager can appear redundant: create, curate, schedule, monitor, respond, update and reuse.

It’s a never-ending cycle that can get monotonous over time.

The following offers some insightful ways to boost creativity and gain inspiration in your work:

Encourage your clients and businesses to be more transparent in their content.

  • Give inside looks or take followers behind-the-scenes to get a glimpse of their culture.
  • People love knowing that there is a “real person” behind the social media profile. Share content of this nature to evoke real human interaction.

Attend live events and webinars to continue honing your skills.

  • As you know, social media marketing is ever-evolving and changing… What works today may or may not work tomorrow.
  • Staying abreast to social media marketing strategies ensures that you remain relevant and current.

Create shareable content.

Share original graphics that truly highlight your brand’s essence and culture.

  • Historical images of the company’s first beginnings make for great storytelling and inspiration.

Connect with influencers in your client’s niche.

  • Influencer marketing is a top strategy that gets their content in front of a targeted audience quickly.
  • It also allows you to create winning partnerships that could lead to future projects and collaborations.


Staying creative while managing various social media accounts is certainly doable.

Be sure to choose the right social platforms for your clients so they achieve optimal results while saving you time.

Tailor the content appropriately for each channel to truly connect and engage with their audiences.

Create a strategy that you can use across multiple clients and continue to stay abreast of social media strategies to remain current in your marketing.

Using this formula will keep you original and innovative – these are key factors to preventing burnout in your position.

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