A Look Inside a Social Media Agency: Big Slate Media

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We recently reached out to the friendly chaps at Big Slate Media, a Knoxville-based digital marketing agency.

We got an inside look into the operations of an established social media agency, learned what it is that makes them thrive, and how their philosophy helps them have not only successful, but happy clients as well.

Q: Please tell our readers a little bit about your agency and what it is you offer.

Big Slate Media is a Knoxville-based digital marketing agency specializing in web design, SEO, AdWords, copywriting, social media management, aerial/drone photography and videography and video production. Contributing to and growing alongside the business community is at the heart of our business philosophy.

Q: That’s an interesting philosophy. How do you make it work with your business relationships?

We think a good social media agency maintains more than a business relationship with their clients. You’re actively representing your client or their business, so you want them to look good. Why not build good rapport and maintain a friendly relationship with them as well?

Consistency, efficiency, and open communication are key to success.

Q: You’re absolutely right! How do you build this relationship with your clients? What would be the typical process of working with your company?

We’re problem-solvers. We diagnose a client’s situation and come up with a solution that will address their problem and bolster their business.

We’ll sit down with our clients to hammer out a strategy that evolves with the client’s needs. We’ll monitor the data and make adjustments as we see fit.

One of the first things we focus on is the brand.

When you’ve built a brand with a personality, your ROI and community engagement is so much richer. Here’s a blog post we wrote on building a personal brand. [Make it Personal! (Tips for Building a Personal Brand) – Big Slate Media]

Q: When you say you monitor the data, how exactly do you go about it? How do you measure the success of your social media campaigns?

We pay keen attention to the insights for each social media platform on a weekly basis, using A/B testing to see what works best. If we’re advertising an upcoming event, we focus on shares and followers. If we’re sharing fun content, we’re watching for likes, comments, and shares.

In our experience, engagement on social media (without pushing a product or service too hard) is laying down the groundwork for lead development.

We try to direct our clients to this blog post for some pointers on maintaining a successful conversion rate. [Conversion Marketing: Get ‘em in the Funnel! – Big Slate Media]

Q: What happens if the strategy doesn’t work as planned? Would you scratch it and start over?

So far, we’re happy to say our strategies thus far have been fruitful.

Should that ever not be the case, we’re always going to do what it takes to be successful – so yes, in that situation we would definitely return to the drawing board, review our data and reflect on our experiences in order to succeed the next time. It’s A/B testing, large-scale!

The bottom line is this – we make sure our clients are happy and successful at the end of any business transaction they have with us.

Q: And I’m sure they are! Then, to wrap this up, do you have any case studies you can share or online reviews we can check out?

One of our clients, Southern Expo, hosts a multitude of fairs every year (with a couple new ones in 2017). We were asked to setup and manage their social media campaign, and it was immensely successful.

We’re huge fans of Facebook’s targeted advertising – and this was a great example of a successful campaign. A little bit of money can go a long way for a boosted post with the proper audience plugged in.

Once we grew a large enough base of followers, our organic insights were fantastic. [Case Study: Southern Expo – Big Slate Media]

Another client, a real estate agent, had no presence on Facebook until we suggested it as part of a social media campaign. Again, simply creating a Facebook page led to a large amount of involvement with an audience the agent had previously not engaged with. [Case Study: Realty Executives Associates – Big Slate Media]

Big thanks to Big Slate Media for taking the time to chat with us!

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