7 Ways to Better Your Social Media with Live-Streaming Videos

Recording live video on mobile phone

Did you know that people spend 3 times longer watching live video versus ones that have been prerecorded?

Live-streaming videos are generating massive engagement from social networks and are the perfect platform for brands to further engage with their followers.

You see, live-streaming apps like Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are super viable to executing your social media strategy. They help in boosting brand awareness, connecting with potential customers, sharing value, growing your leads list, and increasing revenue.

Buzzfeed and Dunkin’ Donuts are just a few brands successfully leveraging live-streaming to convey their brand messaging while building relationships.

With the advantage of these live videos auto-playing right into your follower’s newsfeed, you can quickly capture attention, grow exposure, and show that your brand stays fresh in using current techniques to relate to today’s consumer.

The good news is that there are many ways for you to better your social media marketing by utilizing live-streaming. Here are seven ideas to get started.

7 Ways to Use Live-Streaming Videos for Marketing

#1 – Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access

Taking your social followers backstage and giving them a sneak-peek dramatically increases engagement and gets people to really know your company.

Previously excluded, private events are now made public simply by whipping out your mobile device using live apps that bring your audience even closer to you.

People desire authenticity and transparency from brands.

Live-streaming allows you to create these memorable experiences that separate you from competitors.

So take your followers behind the scenes at a live company event or office meeting to show them how you do business. Consider upcoming charitable events to get your viewers involved.

Be sure to use relevant hashtags when promoting your live broadcast on social media to increase awareness and buzz around your event.

#2 – Hold Live Q&A Sessions

One major plus to live-streaming is that you can interact with your viewers in real-time and gain on-the-spot feedback. Therefore, it’s perfect in giving your followers an opportunity to engage with you live and ask questions to receive quick responses.

Hosting Q&A sessions is a great asset to building relationships and trust with prospective buyers.

These sessions provide invaluable data you can use for future blog post ideas, product innovations or tweaking your current program.

Imagine being asked 10 new questions or given new insights that you never thought of? You can better serve your market from the details gleaned during your broadcasts.

Promote to your list and social followers the time of your live Q&A broadcast.

Tell them to come ready with questions relating to a specific topic or product. You can make it focused or allow them to ask you anything they want.

The key is getting them to engage with you – that fosters loyalty and trust.

#3 – Demonstrate Products

After watching a video, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online.

Live product demos work extremely well in helping your prospects and customers understand how to use your product and how it will benefit them. Live-streaming are perfect channels in showing viewers your flagship products and their features.

While you’re demonstrating, people can post immediate comments or questions about your product, allowing you to tailor your broadcast to your audience.

To promote sales, give viewers the option to purchase your product at the end of the show.

#4 – Present Special Offers and Promotions

Building your email list is the lifeline to your business.

You should have many working pieces in your content marketing geared towards growing your leads to enhance your sales funnel.

The beauty about implementing live-streaming in your social media marketing is that you can present special offers and promotions to your attendees when they subscribe to your list.

By giving the call-to-action in your broadcast, you can generate new leads every time you live-stream.

Give an enticing offer that compels followers to give you the goods. Simply have them give their email address in the comments (or they can privately inbox you) to take advantage of your promo.

#5 – Expand on Popular Blog Topics

Another chief advantage to live-streaming is being able to offer immense value to your audience that solidifies your credibility in your industry.

By repurposing your blog content, you can expand on your popular and evergreen posts to delve deeper into these topics and give your viewers a chance to give feedback.

This channel allows people to digest your content in multiple ways, extending your content reach while appealing to different learning styles.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, repurposing content was a top priority for 2016 and remains to be an effective technique to increasing brand awareness and getting your content in front of new audiences.

Utilize live-streaming videos to enrich your content strategy and provide additional platforms for followers to connect with you.

#6 – Report Breaking News

Since live-streaming videos are right now and in the moment, you can truly capitalize on trending topics by whipping out your mobile device and reporting breaking news.

This strategy will further position you as an expert and “go-to” source in your niche. People will begin to look for you to share the latest happenings and will stay in-tuned to your business page.

When reporting trending topics, be sure that you always relate it back to your brand message to make it purposeful and intentional.

Connect it in a way that helps keep your brand name and content “top of mind” with your viewers.

The more they hear about your business, the more apt they are to do business with you!

#7 – Just Have Fun!

Office shenanigans, the company BBQ and parties are all fair game for live-streaming content.

Showing that your team has fun further humanizes your brand, making you much more relatable.

Your live-streaming content doesn’t always have to be planned. In fact, one of the main reasons people watch videos is for entertainment!

You will successfully build engagement on your social media pages by showcasing more of your brand personality and the vision of your company.

So have fun! Draw your audience into your office culture…and build brand loyalty in the process!


Marketers are taking full advantage of the compelling benefits live-streaming offers to their social media marketing strategy…and it’s time for your brand to jump on board.

Begin by implementing 2-3 of the tactics outlined and test your results.

Discover which topics resonate with your audience best.

As you increase engagement, add another and continue to measure your efforts. With consistency, you’ll create the winning formula that augments your content marketing.

Much success!

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  1. Do you encourage the technique of then posting the “live streaming video” for a broader, after the fact, audience? I do a lot of video man on the street “live reporting” and have noticed views months and years later.

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