Why You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant working at a desk behind a computer

It’s 9:00 at night, and you’re still working. After you finish the work you’re doing for a client, you need to schedule the rest of the week’s social media posts, balance the books, respond to e-mails, and check your voicemail, which is nearly full.

Almost all business owners and entrepreneurs have been there – when you’re growing a new business, there just aren’t enough hours in a day to tackle your perpetually growing to-do list.

Some help would be great, but you don’t have the budget to hire someone as an assistant, and the workload can be unpredictable. Continue with reading

How Much Time Should Your Business Spend on Social Media?

Silhouettes of people standing under large stopwatches

Social media marketing has the potential for immense success and smaller businesses can especially benefit from the various, affordable ways to reach out to their target audience and engage in customer service.

At the same time, a simple brand presence on your favorite social media network is not nearly enough. Successful marketing in this environment requires a significant and consistent time investment.

How much time should you spend on social media to market your business?

The answer depends on a number of variables. Still, understanding these variables, and knowing which of them to prioritize, can give you a better idea of how to plan your time for maximum marketing success. Continue with reading

Making Your Audience Care: How to Market Dull/Boring Brands

Bored girl

We now have merely a few hundred years of data and experience to assist us in evaluating the most effective and useful marketing methods. That includes marketing for brands that are less than exciting.

One thing we’ve learned in all that time is that using a variety of techniques and methods is always a good idea.

From self-help content to information loaded marketing strategies, every type of marketing content can have its place and purpose.

That includes storytelling, arguably one of the oldest methods of communication and marketing. Storytelling is also a great vehicle to get you past the hurdle of working in a dull industry. Continue with reading

Facebook Chatbots: the Sales and Support Side

Facebook Messenger live introduction

Facebook is transforming the way companies are able to interact with consumers.

Since April 2016, Facebook Messenger has offered a bot platform. The platform not only allows bots on it, but Facebook is enabling anyone to use their Application Programming Interface to build their very own, unique chatbot that can interact with Facebook Messenger users.

And companies and individuals have quickly jumped on the bot-wagon.

Just three months after the initiative was launched, 18,000 bots had been created. Due to this popularity, Facebook is planning on expanding the chatbot platform to allow for group chatbots. Continue with reading

Lenses – An Expensive but Viral Marketing Option from Snapchat

X-Men Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat was valued at between $20 billion and $25 billion at its IPO earlier this year. Since then, the company has been striving to justify this valuation by increasing profit and earning potential.

With 158 million daily active users, Snapchat’s greatest asset is its advertising reach, particularly because its most engaged users fall into the desirable millennial demographic. Continue with reading

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