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Martin M Martin M

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High Converting E-mail Swipes

Tried & tested email swipes that you can copy & send to your list. Our team of conversion experts crafted the content to increase your open rate & CTR.


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  • Q.How do I sign up as affiliate?

    A.Clicking one of the buttons we have on the page will take you to our partner website (JVzoo), where you can sign up for Free and get started with us

  • Q.What is JVzoo?

    A.It is a third-party service, who are managing our payment processing. You will need to complete an application form filling your personal and payment details.

  • Q.Where can I get the links from?

    A.You can get them from your JVzoo dashboard. If you’d like to have the links emailed to you, please contact us

  • Q.How do I get paid?

    A.You will be paid every 30 days for all the sales you make, via PayPal.

  • Q.How can I promote Postradamus?

    A.You can promote by sharing your affiliate link with your friends, peers, email list, SEO, FB ads, Youtube videos, PPC campaigns & in a lot more ways.

  • Q.Can I ask you for help?

    A.Yes, you may contact us any time. We are here to help you win. Just submit a ticket following the link and we will respond within a 1-2 days.

  • Q.Do you have any training program?

    A.Yes and no. We do offer plenty of promotional materials for you to promote Postradamus. If you need any assistance on putting them in best use, please ask us.

  • Q.I don't have a website. Can I still be your affiliate?

    A.Absolutely. You don’t need a website or blog to promote. If you have an email id, you can start promoting postradamus from today.

  • Q.How much money can I make?

    A.Up to $79 per month, per sale, coming through your affiliate link. Bring in just 15 sales and you make an additional $1K per month

  • Q.How do I track my earnings?

    A.This is why we have JVzoo as our partner. You will be seeing the number of clicks your link has got, sales you made every day/week/month & lot more details in your dashboard.

  • Q.I see only Starter plan in JVzoo. What about others?

    A.Don’t worry. Once you apply to sell our Starter plan, we will automatically authorize you to sell all the other plans too.

  • Q.I am not from US. Can I still apply?

    A.Of course you can. JVzoo accepts applications from almost every country. If you want to be double sure, just ask us.

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